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Wander Expeditions Paragliding School

Learning to Paraglide - From Walk to Fly!

Learning to Paraglide is an investment. It changes your life and becomes that primary thing you do! What do you do? I am a paraglider pilot. (...cut to interesting conversation...) For work, oh yeah, there's that but who cares when you paraglide! Adventure sports change your life. Paragliding opens new horizons while turning the volume down on everything else. For me, and many of us, it places life into a new perspective. Once you join, you're part of the Wander Expeditions Crew. We use a Telegram group primarily to notify when we fly. We also chat about the sport, gear, goals and events. There's also a fabulous amount of humor and a great sense of camaraderie!! The most effective way to learn to fly is through a progression learning program. Our program starts with ground school to provide understanding, then we progress to ground handling where you learn control of the wing while standing on the ground. This is often called kiting and is an essential skill in paragliding.

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