SIV Training, Lake Berryessa, California


SIV Training with Dilan at Let Fly Paragliding

SIV, or Simulation d'Incident en Vol, is a specialized training program designed for paragliders to enhance their skills and safety in handling challenging situations while airborne. SIV training typically takes place in controlled environments, such as over a large body of water, where pilots can safely practice maneuvers and recover from potential incidents. Participants learn to handle collapses, spins, and other in-flight emergencies, gaining a deeper understanding of their glider's behavior. This hands-on experience allows paragliders to develop quick and effective responses to unexpected situations, ultimately increasing their confidence and overall proficiency in the sport. SIV training is an invaluable component of a paraglider's education, fostering a safer and more skilled community of pilots. Every year, we trek to Lake Berryessa around the October/November timeframe for more maneuvers and acrobatic training. Join us if you can!

It's fun to have the wing under you and still fully inflated! And it doesn't always go to plan! But that's ok - there's no better place to learn.