Our Next Chapter...

Hello Pilots!! 

What are we up to?

We're going to change our page style up. Its been 5+ years of continuous operation and its time for something new! Plus, the truth is that we have a bunch to say and are really starting a new chapter in our evolution as a small paragliding school.

If you are considering learning to fly or improving your skills, then you are about to embark on a journey toward competency in free flight that less than 1% of humans experience. The sport is exciting and fulfilling (as you may already know) and you will become a member of a community of pilots worldwide. We look forward to working with you. Our goal is to provide you a safe and educational experience with the final outcome of assuring you have the confidence and knowledge to fly on your own, within reasonable and regulatory limitations.

Looking forward, we are expanding our training while still concentrating on providing the best quality training, XC flying and local guiding.

Back home to Boise, Idaho, USA

Happy to be back home and looking forward to the season! New students and faces to join us, old friends and advancing pilots are all a pleasure to work with. We are also finishing our tandem certification to help train our existing peeps and maybe take friends on a few training flights!

..if you're in the Boise area, come fly with us. Wander@WanderExpeditions.com