Annecy, France


Embark on a paragliding adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of Annecy, France, widely acclaimed as the world's most popular paragliding destination. Nestled in the French Alps, Annecy offers a breathtaking backdrop of pristine lakes, majestic mountains, and charming medieval architecture. Known for its favorable thermals, consistent winds, and diverse launch sites, this region caters to paragliding enthusiasts of all levels. Glide through the alpine skies with unparalleled views of Lake Annecy, one of Europe's cleanest lakes, creating a surreal canvas beneath your wings. Whether you're a seasoned paraglider seeking technical challenges or a novice eager for a tandem flight, Annecy's reputation as a paragliding haven ensures an awe-inspiring experience, combining adrenaline with the sheer beauty of the French countryside.

Flying in Annecy is amazing. Feel free to use our easy waypoints:

And here's an easy 23 mile triangle for the 'Tour of the Lake'!

Fantastic Trip! Many good flights both local and distance!

As always, much fun was had!!  Come fly with us!