King Mountain, Idaho


Flying the Lost River Range

Embarking on a paragliding journey at King Mountain is a thrilling adventure, and credit is due to John Kangas and the King Mountain Glider Park for facilitating an exhilarating ascent and an overall fantastic day of flying. Accompanied by friends, the flight extended nearly to Mount Borah, before venturing into the valley for a smooth landing in Mackay. The day concluded with a delightful barbecue at T9. Covering an impressive 50 miles, it was truly a remarkable achievement, especially given the turbulent day! It's worth noting the necessity of carrying an oxygen kit, as the climbs can reach staggering heights, with lift tops commonly exceeding 16,000 feet. The turbulent air calls for honed skills, making SIV training an invaluable asset for navigating the challenging conditions and ensuring a safe and enjoyable paragliding experience at such elevations.

Much fun was had!! Looking forward to the next opportunity.

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